Looking to book your MOT in Somercotes? Book with HiQ

If you need a car service or or an MOT in Somercotes, head to HiQ. Our team of highly-trained specialists at this gold-accredited branch will treat your car as if it’s their own, and will get you back on the road in no time.

If you're unsure which MOT or service level is best for your vehicle, just speak with our experts who will guide you to the best for your budgets or needs. We offer tiered services from silver, gold and platinum options which all carry the same high HiQ standard.

We’re on High Street in Somercotes, just a ten-minute walk from Aldi, B&M Home Store, Iceland, and more. Why not do your shopping while we service your vehicle? Or you can always make yourself comfortable in our waiting area.
So if you’re looking for great car service or an MOT in Somercotes, head to HiQ.

See our service options below or call 01773 602998 for queries, bookings and upfront pricing.

Car Tyres

Car tyres

Top-drawer tyre specialists.

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MOT only

Required by law if your vehicle is 3 years or older.

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Oil and filter

Oil + filter

Regular oil and filter services keep your engine clean, running smoothly, performing well helping to reduce your fuel consumption.

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Silver Service

Silver Service

Our interim service covers all the bases and gives your car a clean bill of health.

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Silver Plus Service

Silver + MOT

Get the convenience of having everything rolled into one, plus the benefit of a lower price and a great time saving too.

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Gold Service

Gold Service

Expert technicians, the latest diagnostic equipment. Welcome to a comprehensive service that’s solid gold.

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Gold Plus Service

Gold + MOT

Benefit from greater convenience and a more competitive price than if you had them done separately. Perfect.

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Warranty Approved Service

Warranty approved

Now you can reduce your servicing costs without compromising your warranty - no matter what make or model vehicle you drive.

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Platinum Upgrade

Platinum upgrade

Get an advanced formula engine and fuel system flush to prevent premature wear, reduce emissions and improve performance.

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Additional Services

HiQ have a number of additional services to choose from. Contact your local HiQ centre to find out more.