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Ever wondered, what are the best tyres for a BMW 2 Series Tourer? These are.

Get back on the road, without any speed bumps. These tyres for BMW 2 Series Tourer provide optimum grip, safety and fuel efficiency.

Want more information on understanding tyres? Check out our handy sidewall markings guide or find out your BMW 2 Series Tourer tyre pressure.

Other recommended tyres

If you don’t fancy one of the above, here’s a list of other HiQ recommended BMW 2 Series Tourer tyres.

Whether you want a BMW 2 Series Tourer all season tyre, summer tyre or winter tyre, we’ve got you covered.

N blue HD Plus

An exceptional summer, high performance passenger car tyre.

N blue HD Plus
Vehicle type
RIM size
13″ - 17″
Fuel efficiency
Wet grip
A - C
Road noise
67 - 71 db

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BMW care services at our HiQ centres

Every car should run smoothly, that’s why we don’t stop at just fitting BMW car tyres.

When you come into any of our garages, we also offer extra services ranging from oil and filter changes to major car servicing. Interested? Find out more below.

MOT Class 4 + Major Service

A major service is a thorough inspection of your vehicle with a check covering everything from fuel filter, spark plugs and pads.

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Interim Car service

Our interim service is recommended for high mileage drivers who want peace of mind between annual services.

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Full Car Service

A full service is a thorough inspection of your vehicle with a 53 point check covering everything from essential fluids under the bonnet to brake discs and pads.

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