On to Knockhill...

So apologies for not posting a pre Snetterton blog; we had a busy time during the break with shows, demo laps and all sorts of work spreading the word of our fantastic sponsors Exocet, Alcosense, Duo… in fact, every brand that supports us.

In between all that we had to fit in a full rebuild of both cars and send our engines back to Swindon for their mid-season refresh. With all that to organise, time just ran away from me I’m afraid.

Anyway, Snetterton… that wasn’t bad, I thought. We had a rough Saturday with what ended up being a faulty bearing in a rocker. We were looking for the problem all day but without the load going through the suspension it didn’t appear to be an issue. It was only after qualifying a lowly 21st that we had time to fully take it apart for a proper inspection and the problem became clear.

So Sunday started with a tough decision: do we start from the pitlane? It’s a tough one because I don’t believe it’s in the spirit of things and I don’t think it’s fair on our fantastic fans who make so much effort to support us, but on the other hand I have picked up a lot of damage already this year from the people who would have been around me on the grid and the people I would have to pass to reach the points.

From a financial point of view it did make sense and the boys had been working until the early hours sorting Saturday’s issues so the last thing they needed was a fight. The final bit which confirmed our decision was that it was 100% that we would be in a better position for the two other races. We figured that had to be a win for everyone including the fans.

To come away with two top tens was mega. We clearly don’t have the fastest car but I really feel we maxed it out with those results and had I been offered them at the start of the weekend I would have taken them.

If someone offered me those results for Knockhill the answer would be very different.

For some reason our old tank hooks up at Knockhill and although it’s no BMW, it is in with a shout. I’m feeling a lot of pressure, though, if I’m honest…

We have had four podiums from our last six races there and clearly we haven’t had the best tools for the job so far this year, so there are a lot of people (myself included) who are hoping that this weekend could see us up where we should be. So I’m really hoping old Sherman will be up for it and I can extract the most from him.

Anyway, I’ve got to go… I’ve got to drive the team’s transporter up to Scotland. Oh the glamour! :-)