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Laura Newton

Laura Newton

Travelling a 100 mile round trip to the office every day and with three years automotive PR experience behind, Laura Newton knows a thing or two about tyres. But more than that, she know a thing or three about writing. From a journalistic trip to China to cover the Olympics, to full-page features in leading trade publications, Laura is behind the wheel to ensure that the cyan face of fast fit is seen far and wide, both on and offline.

Articles by Laura Newton

Blimp my ride!

If HiQ is the retail arm of Goodyear, then the Blimp is surely its big eye in the sky. First taking to the air in 1925, the airship has been travelling all over the world, adorned with the iconic Wingfoot logo, keeping its birds-eye focus on some of the biggest events in the world - from music festivals to the Superbowl and more.

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