After an exciting 6th round at sunny Snetterton, it’s time for our drivers to take on Knockhill! So what can you expect from the next round...

The BTCC drivers will be taking on their first Scottish race track of the year, and although it’s one of the shortest tracks of the season, it’s not going to disappoint! The course has a total of 8 corners, and is well known for it’s high kerbs making it an exciting round for both drivers and fans!

Colin Turkington excelled during Snetterton, and was obviously loved by the fans, having been voted HiQ’s Driver of the Day for round 6. Will Turkington triumph again this weekend, or will another driver sieze the opportunity to dominate Scotland’s famous BTCC race track?

Audi driver Rob Austin currently holds the qualify lap time record for Knockhill, while Andrew Jordon holds the race lap time record. Will these Knockhill titles remain this weekend? We’re seriously excited to find out!

Scotland, here we come!