HiQ: Next up the BTCC heads for Croft for the only round of the season in the North East. What do you think of the circuit?

David Pinkney: I love Croft. It's a great part of the country and I've had some very successful races up there. I've had some wins and in the Porsche I think I took a third place, so I love the place.

HiQ: What's your biggest memory of the circuit?

David Pinkney: I suppose going off in the wet last year when I was in the Honda - you don't forget the big ones! The best memory is probably when I was up there in the Porsche and I was 0.2secs behind Richard Westbrook on the times in qualifying. We both went off into the gravel at the first corner though!

HiQ: Westbrook isn't a bad driver to be close to

David Pinkney: No, not at all!

HiQ: As a driver, what kind of challenges does Croft provide with its mixture of high and low speed corners?

David Pinkney: It's a total mixture. There are some really fast sweeping corners but then you also have the tight hairpin at the end. It is a challenge to get the car set up and hopefully we can get it a bit better than we managed at Oulton Park.

HiQ: It is one of the more challenging circuits when it comes to getting the set-up right?

David Pinkney: I think it is. I think that the way our car is at the moment, with the extra weight from the NGTC engine at the front end, the fast corners aren't an issue but the slower twisty stuff is. We might struggle or we may get it right.

HiQ: How would you sum up the way the season has gone so far?

David Pinkney: Frustrating. We booked about twelve test days pre-season and I think we only did two of those. On those two we only did a few hours of running so we missed pre-season tests which set us back and we have had a lot of teething problems. We've had some gearbox problems and a few other things so it has been very frustrating so far.

HiQ: How challenging has it been working with your right hand man Andrew to go back to running your own team?

David Pinkney: I think it's working well for us because we are in charge of our own destiny I suppose. We have a good car, it's just the engine change and the extra weight we carry over the front axle as a result. But it's a great team and we have two of the guys who worked on the Vectra at Triple Eight last year who know the car inside out and back to front so it's working well.

HiQ: How important has the input of those former Triple Eight guys been?

David Pinkney:It's massive, especially when you have a problem because they know every nut and bolt on the car and can jump on the car to sort the problem in a quarter of the time another engineer would take.

HiQ:You say it might be difficult with the weight of the engine at Croft, but what is a realistic aim going there?

David Pinkney:Well we were at Brands Hatch before Oulton Park and we were right on the pace and quick all weekend. We arrived at Oulton Park thinking we would be comfortably inside the top six or seven and we were down on the speedtraps and down on pace.

We can't work out why. It might just be the way the circuit is and we could arrive at Croft and be quicker. The way we are at the moment, getting in the top ten would be nice but we might get to the North East and be in the top three on the times. We'll have to wait and see.