It's no coincidence that Matt Neal, Jason Plato and Gordon Shedden top the Dunlop British Touring Car Championship standings ahead of this weekend's racing at Snetterton.

With so much experience and knowledge behind the wheel, the trio are arguably better placed than most to treat adversity with pragmatism and success with a pinch of salt.

HiQ spoke to the popular Scot Shedden, whose stock has never been higher since winning twice at Croft and scooping HiQ's latest Champagne Moment.

HiQ: Gordon, you must be going into this weekend's racing in Norfolk in particularly high spirits after your double success at Croft before the mid-season break.

Gordon: Definitely. We have threatened a performance like that since the start of the year. It was really nice for the team, and launched me into the top three.

HiQ: Did the mid-season break come at the wrong time for Honda? You must have wanted to pick up where you left off a lot sooner?

Gordon: In some ways yes, but the break has always been there and it is the same for all of the other teams on the grid. It might have been nice, but it also gives us the chance to improve our package as well.

HiQ: What are your hopes for Snetterton?

Gordon: Of the five race weekends left in the calendar, this one has to be viewed as a weaker one for us, along with Silverstone. If we can weather the storm here and pick up some points, then we will be pleased.
The Fords are so fast in a straight line which allows them to put in some exceptionally quick times. Racing against it is a bit reminiscent of the Seat diesel in 2008, so it is up to everyone else to stay with them.

HiQ: Matt Neal recently told us that his success this season is partly down to your relationship and the stability you bring to the team. Do you feel the same?

Gordon: We get on really, really well away from the track as well as on it. We both race for Honda and we both work particularly well together, as we have built up a trust. It works well.

HiQ: So what if the drivers' title is all down to the pair of you at Brands? Any repeat of the F1 in Germany?!

Gordon: Firstly, if we were ever in that position it would be an amazing job by everyone in the team and a wonderful scenario to contemplate. I think we'd have to make sure we didn't take someone else out first and stay on the track! But seriously, there is so much racing to go and so many points to play for. We just want to keep on collecting points and winning races.

HiQ: Is this outlook one of the reasons why yourself, Matt and Jason Plato are in the top three positions in the drivers' standings?

Gordon: It's no coincidence that guys with lots of experience are up at the top of the leaderboard. Look at all the winners of the championship since 2001. These guys know what's required to win championships and how to keep their cars on the track.

With three races in a weekend you can gain an awful lot of points and you can soon lose a lot too, so it's important to stay level headed.

HiQ: And finally, you must be pleased to have picked up our latest Champagne Moment?

Gordon: Most definitely! I thought they were kept on ice for the likes of Jason! I feel very privileged to be racing in this series and a very lucky man to be in this position. To receive the recognition of so many fans in the process is the icing on the cake.

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