What a season it’s been! There have been ups and downs, with a victorious Gordon Shedden defending his title after his win in 2015. We are sad to see the BTCC 2016 season come to an end but let’s take a look back at how the action unravelled.

It started where it finished, at Brands Hatch, with the season setting off on the Indy circuit. This round saw Tom Ingram take the first win of the season, and Gordon Shedden got off to a strong start by finishing second in the first race and winning the second. It was clear from the start that he wasn’t going to give up his title without a fight!

Knockhill is a round that stood out for a few reasons, firstly the intense close racing at this circuit was nothing short of electrifying to the audience. Secondly, this is where Subaru Levorg GT driver Jason Plato took his 500th race start in BTCC, and topped it off in dramatic fashion with a win. Jason Plato has won more races than any other BTCC drivers, and it’s safe to say that he still impresses every audience that watches him.

Over the course of the BTCC 2016 season there have been 8 different winning teams with 12 different winners over the 30 races. Reigning champion Gordon shedden won 4 races over this season, however he has been consistently finishing in a high point scoring position. Gordon Shedden, who drives for Halfords Yuasa racing in a Honda Civic Type R, has won the championships for his third time. He is also the first BTCC driver to have won back to back titles since Fabrizio Giovanardi in 2007/08, defending his championship, making his win all that more rewarding to his fans.

Top rookie Ashley Sutton took his maiden BTCC win at Croft in race 3. He is the only driver in his first year at BTCC to have won a race, which certainly impressed his fans, and saw him win the Jack Sears trophy, awarded at brands hatch. We are excited to see where BTCC will take him next year after he proved he deserved his place.

Colin Turkington, who also drives a Levorg GT had 5 impressive wins over the course of this season. He has also recently been voted to be the final Driver of the Day of this season, and it’s not hard to see why! Colin Turkington won 2 races at the last round at Brands Hatch, making him a strong contender for next year. He and Matt Jackson also had a tie of the most number of race wins, with them both claiming 5. Matt Jackson also won the last race of the year at Brands Hatch, will he continue this form on to next year?

Going into the final round at Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit, team JCT600 with GardX driver Sam Tordoff was set to win the championship, and only during the 7th lap did Shedden overtake and take his place as champion. Sam Tordoff only won 2 races in the whole season but impressively came second overall, proving it’s not just race wins that can place you highly in the rankings.

Before the round at Brands Hatch there were 8 drivers that could be in the running for championship, making it a thrilling watch. Going into the final race at Brands Hatch, there were only 9 points separating Sam Tordoff, Gordon Shedden and Colin Turkington. It’s safe to say that this was an intense ending to the season!

Gordon Shedden certainly didn’t surprise people with his exhilarating win; he had the highest number of podium finishes this season, tied with BTCC veteran Jason Plato, who both had 10. Closely following were Sam Tordoff, Matt Jackson and Colin Turkington, who all had 9 podium finished each.

The season saw team JCT600 with GardX win the team championships, with Sam Tordoff and Rob Collard leading the charge. Motorbase Performance also not only finished third overall in the team’s championships, but won the independent team’s trophy with 541 points - amassing a remarkable 161 point lead over runners up WIX racing.

HiQ are proud to sponsor the BTCC Teams Championship, and the exposure that HiQ receive during the season is unmatched. HiQ’s partnership with BTCC means that fans have the opportunity to read Rob Austin’s exclusive blog on HiQ Online and take part in popular competitions such as ‘Driver of the Day’ and ‘#HiQSuperFan’, in a bid to try and win tickets to a round. These competitions have been loved throughout the 2016 season, and I’m sure they will be missed.

After such an exciting season, it remains to be seen whether Gordon Shedden can defend his title for the second time running – we can only wait eagerly and see.

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