A winter that brought extreme flooding and rainfall to Britain has had a devastating impact on the state of roads across the UK according to a report from the Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM).

Potholes now blight British roads following an aggressive winter and has left motorists to pick up the bill for the damage to their cars.

The annual survey revealed that the £12 billion cost of repairing Britain’s roads has soared by more than £1 billion from the figure announced in 2013. Through the serve weather conditions suffered last winter the work done throughout 2013 to fill-in two million potholes has been undone.

Motorists look set to be in for a long bumpy journey with the work required to repair Britain’s roads to tip-top condition estimated to take 12 years. £16.6 million was paid out to motorists last year in compensation due to poor road conditions, and with the state of Britain’s roads even worse in 2014 motorists’ purse strings look set to bear the brunt of it.

The HiQ fast fit network has seen an increase of 14% of car repair jobs created by poor road conditions when comparing the work carried out in November to February in 2013/14 to the same period of time in 2012/2013.

Director of the HiQ Network, Farrell Dolan, said: “While modern cars are pretty robust and sturdy it’s surprising what damage can be caused by potholes over time. And older cars are even more susceptible. “A lot of the cars we get with handling, suspension or shock absorber problems are due to the state of the roads. “Sometimes it’s just a case of re-balancing wheels or re-aligning the tracking but often it’s more severe with serious damage to shock absorbers or springs. “Suspension systems dramatically affect a car’s handling and braking so if any motorist has experienced changes in either of these it’s well worth them visiting their local HiQ centre to check their car out.”