HiQ is appealing for motorists to consider a vital winter accessory in a bid to stay extra-safe during the current snow and icy conditions. The fast fit network is encouraging the use of winter tyres, stocked at a number of its centres, as it attempts to drive home another safety message to motorists.

Not only do the items offer an invaluable defence against whatever Mother Nature throws on roads, but they also provide drivers with some welcome savings, as the products provide far greater fuel economy. While there seems no way of halting or reversing the slide into single and minus figures, British motorists are being offered the opportunity to protect themselves from the worst climatic recession experienced since late 2008. HiQ not only embraces the use of the seasonal tyres, but believes that this area of the industry is not being targeted by competitors. Marketing manager Geraldine McGovern said that a successful winter tyre campaign in Holland was proof that the product is of value for motorists across the UK. She said: "The Netherlands' winter tyre market is a well known success story. "A small, relatively flat country, similar to the UK, Holland does not experience bad winters; however, for the five month period, from November to March, winter tyres are in higher demand. "Their campaign received massive support from the Dutch government, in the form of a national tyre awareness scheme. This worked to educate motorists and provide the significant message that winter." Geraldine said the reasons for the switch to a seasonal tyre were far too compelling to ignore. She concluded: "Research shows there is a prominent need to replace summer tyres in November, to something more suitable. Winter weather has adverse effects on driving, regardless of the level of snowfall. Accident rates are significantly higher during the winter season and the use of summer tyres means that braking distances are longer."