More than 500 UK motorists have agreed that arguments with ‘back seat drivers’ and the kids are to blame when it comes to getting to destinations on time, the HiQ fast fit network can reveal.

With many motorists hitting the UK roads and motorway’s this weekend to return from their Easter break, HiQ’s driving survey has discovered that in addition to endless tailbacks, sorting out family disputes at the wheel further contributes to arriving late, with many respondents saying that it can add an extra 10-15 minutes to a new journey.

From the poll, the top five family arguments included; toy squabbles, toilet stops, the constant barrage of ‘are-we-there-yet’ questioning by children, driving style and route options.

HiQ’s marketing manager Geraldine McGovern said “At the best of times, driving can be a stressful experience and that’s without the added pressure of having the whole family in the car and going on holiday or travelling to a new location. And unfortunately, it appears that no amount of preparation or reliance on the sat nav can help you avoid in-car spats.”

In some extreme cases, respondents have admitted that the only way to cool off is to pull in to the nearest lay by to enable the driver to take a much needed breather! Others, however, turn up the radio volume to block out what some describe as ‘unnecessary noise’!

HiQ can’t promise a harmonious car journey all of the time, but the network does encourage drivers to take a break if tired or irritated, and to plan every lengthy journey in advance. Geraldine added: “Participating centres are all offering free vehicle health checks to ensure that cars are in good, safe working order. “These eight-point checks are offered free of charge in an attempt to assist motorists wherever possible.”