It goes without saying that keeping your car healthy is important. That's why we suggest giving your car some tender loving care to avoid any unwanted problems.

Whilst we offer a comprehensive range of vehicle health checks at any one of our centres, we also offer advice in our DIY workshop, so you can cover off the basics yourself - no problem!

If you can, once a week or fortnightly as a minimum, we advise you should check your tyres to make sure they are fit for the road.

Whilst you should look for obvious signs of damage, it is also important to check:

1. Tyre wear

2. Tread Depth

3. Tyre Pressure

In this scenario, spare tyres are just as important to check to make sure you don't get caught out if you ever need to change your tyre. Of course, we can tell you how to do that too!

It's also really important to keep a check on the life of your battery, especially during these colder months. Rust and corrosion can build up over time but in just 30 minutes, you can clean your battery and give it a new boost of life.

We can even help get you going on the road again if you've got a flat battery, that's how much we care.

There are loads of tools available online to help you look after your car, from these simple tyre checks to a complete vehicle health check.

Call your nearest HiQ centre for professional advice on how to keep your car healthy and safe on the roads or book an appointment and we can do it for you.