A nationwide campaign by tyre leader Goodyear to promote its environmentally friendly EfficientGrip tyres has been backed by the HiQ fast fit network.

Goodyear is teaming up with five petrol stations across England to give motorists free petrol, starting on Tuesday November 2 in Gateshead.

The free £20 top up of unleaded or diesel fuel will be available for four hours each day or until stocks run out with an estimated 600 motorists expected to benefit at each location.

Michelle Fisher, Goodyear's brand manager, said: "The campaign is designed to educate motorists on the benefits of fitting EfficientGrip tyres to their car. They can save financially as well as helping the environment.

"Once fitted, our EfficientGrip tyres could be saving motorists as much as 1 litre of fuel in every tank - this is because the tyre uses a new generation of tread compound, which reduces the amount of energy needed to make the tyre roll. This lower rolling resistance causes a lower rate of fuel consumption, reducing the C02 emissions a car emits."

Goodyear's generosity does not end at the pump. A £10 Sainsbury's fuel voucher will also be given to customers for every EfficientGrip tyre they purchase at a participating HiQ outlet in the region or via www.hiqonline.co.uk beginning on Monday.

Along with improving fuel efficiency, the tyre offers high-mileage, good wet braking performance, resistance to aquaplaning and a noticeably quiet ride.

Gateshead is one of five petrol giveaway locations across England. The next four will be announced during November with plenty of opportunity for people to benefit from the free fuel giveaway.

For further information about the campaign visit www.goodyear.co.uk

Goodyear's high profile fuel giveaway has been backed by the HiQ fast fit network