HRH at HiQ

‘Her Majesty the Queen’ has given HiQ her royal seal of approval after visiting the network to issue motorists with a Bank Holiday safety message.

With an historic weekend of jubilee celebrations all set to enthral a nation, HiQ received a surprise visit from ‘Elizabeth’, minus Philip and her corgis, to urge drivers to get free safety checks ahead of their Bank Holiday journeys.

The royal appointment was organised in an attempt to educate motorists about the importance of regular vehicle health checks, and the HiQ-ueen recorded a video for her subjects on the matter:

Bank Holiday driving makes many more demands of drivers and their vehicles. Brakes, steering and batteries are all subject to extremely heavy use and HiQ is offering the free checks to ensure these key areas are fully prepared.

HiQ's comprehensive six point Bank Holiday health check covers the following areas:

1. Tyres: checking and adjusting pressures on all five tyres, including tread depth and wheel alignment

2. Battery: check battery and clean and grease terminals.

3. Windscreen: check condition of front and rear wiper blades, washers and headlamps.

4. Lights and horns: check condition of side, tail, main, dip, stop, reverse, indicators, hazard, fog and spot lights

5. Engine: check engine oil and filter, run engine, check for leaks

6. Coolant hose: Inspect hoses and fasteners, radiators and connections, antifreeze and check for leaks

HiQ’s marketing manager Geraldine McGovern said: “We were delighted to welcome our own ‘Queen’ to the network, who seemed to be particularly knowledgeable about the workings of a car.

“In return for her giving us an extra day’s Bank Holiday, we hope that motorists will return the favour by getting their cars checked ahead of long journeys, in order to keep them safe on the roads.”