When it comes to a New Year's Resolution to really get the engine racing, the HiQ fast network has devised a healthy option that is guaranteed to stop the pounds from piling up.

A three pronged fitness regime is being unveiled by HiQ, in an attempt to keep each car as fit and healthy as their owners would like to be.

Free checks on the condition of spare tyres, batteries and the car's overall health are being offered, as HiQ moves up a gear in its efforts to provide extra safety assistance on the roads this winter.

Each comprehensive check will be carried out by one of HiQ's trained technicians, who will hopefully report a clean bill of health for each vehicle checked.

All motorists have to do is call their nearest centre, book in their free check and pop along to the forecourt before their car is put through its paces.

Further details of each check are as follows:

1. Winter health check: With winter making many more demands of drivers and their vehicles, brakes visibility, steering and exhaust are all subject to extremely heavy use. HiQ will offer a free check to ensure these key areas are fully prepared.

2. Spare tyre check: The spare tyre is rarely seen or heard, but that doesn't mean it should be forgotten. HiQ will check the condition of the tyre, including its tread and pressure, to ensure that it is roadworthy - even if we hope you never have to use it!

3. Battery check: Battery malfunctions are very common, particularly during this time of year. HiQ will give the battery a thorough going over to ensure there is plenty of life in it for the winter journeys that await. Any build-up of rust and corrosion that lead to problems in start-ups to be assessed."