HiQ is urging motorists to make essential tyre checks ahead of going away this August Bank Holiday, as a rise in dangerous tyres and the unpredictable British weather raises concerns for road safety.

With the August Bank Holiday looming, many of us will be making final preparations for a ‘mini break’ away, with the hope for some warm summer weather. However, with more people opting to take to the roads, HiQ is urging motorists to take extra care by making necessary tyre checks to ensure safer motoring ahead of their journey.

It is reported that British motorists spend almost £1 billion a year on fuel just from driving on under-inflated tyres. Under-inflation can also cause rapid and uneven tyre wear. The HiQ fast fit network has seen an increase in the amount of worn tyres failing to be replaced by motorists. With some 50% of tyres they are seeing to replace being illegal they’ve raised concerns for people making long journeys on dangerous tyres this Bank Holiday.

Stuart Carr, HiQ’s fast fit manager, said: “Worryingly, the increase in people failing to check their tyres has led to more dangerous cars on the roads. It is hugely important to regularly check your tyres for both the tread depth and the tyre pressure. With the summer weather being as unpredictable as it is, we want to encourage all drivers to make the necessary checks before they make any journeys over the Bank Holiday.”

“Incorrect tyre pressure can cause long-term damage to the car and is very dangerous on the roads. If motorists aren’t sure as to what to look out for, or if they don’t know what the correct pressure is for their tyre, we encourage them to go to their local centre where they can seek all of the necessary help and advice. Just a few minutes can save you a lot of time and hassle.”

HiQ’s top 5 car care tips for before you leave for your Bank Holiday getaway are:

  1. Plan your route with plenty of stops - the inevitable getaway traffic may mean you are in the car for a lot longer than you or your passengers would like.
  2. Check and top up as necessary your vehicles water, oil, bulbs and windscreen washer fluids before you set off.
  3. Take a spare set of car keys, it’s amazing how many people are caught out by lost car keys.
  4. Stock up with plenty of refreshments (and entertainment for younger passengers). Fit sun shades to windows if your passengers are children.
  5. Finally, check your tyres . They are one of the most vital parts of a car’s safety system. Examine all tyres (including the spare) for signs of wear and tear and check your tyre pressures - remember pressures vary according to how much luggage you are carrying, use HiQ’s online pressure guide or alternatively pop along to your local HiQ and take advantage of their free tyre safety check service.

To seek advice on tyre safety checks and help with the general care of your vehicle, please find your local HiQ centre.