A garage was in for an unexpected surprise yesterday after an impromptu visit from world singing sensation, Lady Gaga.

Apparently a frustrated Gaga appeared from a limousine outside the HiQ centre on Nantwich Road after apparently breaking down nearby.

No one quite knows where the megastar was heading or indeed why she was in Crewe town centre, but she seemed to enjoy a cup of tea courtesy of the garage staff before being seen on her way.

Speaking of the day, owner of HiQ Crewe Andy Bucknell, said: “We were aware a limousine had broken down nearby and the lads managed to push it outside our centre, where we could properly fix the problem with the tools at hand.

“We had no idea at that time that Lady Gaga was inside until her security staff appeared to escort her away from the growing media attention outside.

“She was pleasant enough but I’m sure we will never see anything like this again, even if she was just a lookalike!”

One passer by uploaded this video on twitter http://t.co/nfXbl2Ow