A 'hero' of the Hereford and Worcester community has been nominated to win a national award and a prize worth £1000.

Richard Oakley, who works as a lorry driver has been nominated in HiQ's Highways Hero award, which honours motorists of the community who have carried out a heroic rescue or shown remarkable acts of compassion in roadside situations.

Nominated by wife Gemma, Richard came to the aid of an injured motorist who had come off his bike along the A442. And having seen the campaign on HiQ's Facebook page, Gemma thought that he would be an ideal candidate to win.

Gemma said: "Richard was driving his van towards Bridgnorth when a motorcyclist came off his bike on a bend. He assessed the man for any injuries before taking him and his destroyed bike back to Kidderminster.

"Richard did all he could to ensure the motorcyclist was safe and went out of his way to get him back to Kidderminster and to the hospital to get checked over.

"I am really proud of Richard for stopping and helping the man in need. His road courtesy on that day is definitely worthy of recognition and reward."

HiQ's Retail Director Peter Tye said: "Richard is a prime example of a highway hero and it is inspiring to hear of stories like this when communities really pull together to help each other out.

"Through Highways Hero, we want to congratulate those selfless individuals who have helped someone out of a sticky roadside situation, and give them something back for their efforts. We hope to see further stories like this on our HiQ Facebook page."

Launched through Facebook, HiQ has created a Highway Hero Like page, which will raise awareness of those who have given roadside assistance to a motorist.

The selfless deeds could include changing a flat tyre, helping with a broken down vehicle or being first to help at the scene of a serious incident. For further information visit www.facebook.com/HiQFastFit.

Hero Richard Oakley