With London Fashion Week in full swing, it is thought the celebrity - or a very good look-a-like - was on route back to her hometown when she stopped off for a new set of tyres.

Not wanting to attract too much attention, the star managed to quickly purchase two new premium tyres with the help of centre manager Carl Reid and his team.

The fashion icon interrupted a video they were preparing about the launch of the mega tyre sale and the discounted tyres on offer.

"We certainly weren't expecting that today!" Carl said. "We don't know if it was actually her but the resemblance was uncanny.

"We're not sure what brought her to our centre but I'm glad we were on hand to help. The lads certainly enjoyed the impromptu visit and haven't stopped talking about it all day."

The Mega Tyre sale is a national campaign launched to promote discounted tyres at participating HiQ centres throughout the UK.

Marketing manager Geraldine McGovern said, "I couldn't believe this when the guys at Henley called me - and still don't to some extent.

"Nevertheless, there's no greater way to generate media attention around our mega tyre sale than a picture of Victoria Beckham or someone that looks just like her in one of our centres."