If you're driving on illegal tyres, then HiQ, the nationwide fast fit network, has come up with three hard hitting reasons to take immediate action. HiQ's 1-2-3 campaign is about to grab the headlines as the network treads a path to eliminate illegal tyre usage across the UK. For some drivers, highlighting the danger of bare, worn tyres is not enough. Some tangible reasons to regularly check tread depths and replace where necessary is needed.  

This is why HiQ, the nationwide fast fit network, has come up with a no-nonsense, three pronged approach to tyre safety in a bid to rid the roads of an unnecessary danger.

  1. One worn or defective tyre could cost you £2,500
  2. Worn tyres add two lengths to your stopping distance at 50mph in wet conditions
  3. Each tyre with a tread depth less than 1.6mm could add 3 penalty points to your licence

Driving celebrities, experts from the legal sector and road safety chiefs are all backing HiQ's campaign, which is being launched in September and will coincide with free tyre safety checks at all of its 140 centres. Marketing manager Geraldine McGovern explained: "We wanted to generate some hard hitting messages that motorists will take note of. "The prospect of penalty points to your licence, let alone the cost implications and safety element, is particularly strong and a fact that we hope will resonate with a number of people. "The aim of this campaign is more than just getting people to change illegal tyres. We want it to have far more longevity than that, with messages that will stay with drivers for a long, long time." To supplement the campaign, every HiQ centre will be offering free tyre safety checks for the rest of the year. Recent research suggests that up to 3.5 million motorists in the UK are driving on illegal tyres3, which further supports HiQ's case that a worrying ignorance exists amongst drivers when it comes to road safety.