Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, please put your summer tyres on a clean, dry rack.

That is the message from the HiQ fast fit network this winter, as the brand offers motorists advice on how to increase the life and performance of their summer tyres, once there are replaced with winter alternatives.

More motorists than ever are switching to seasonal tyres, with a number of HiQ centres offering 'tyre hotel' facilities to store their summer products in.

But for those having to store their summer tyres themselves, HiQ has issued some advice to prolong their performance once the milder weather returns.

HiQ fast fit manager Stuart Carr said: "Tyres should be stored somewhere clean, dark, dry and moderately ventilated. Avoid damp conditions.

"Tyres are best stored at temperatures below 35 degrees and preferably below 25 degrees."

Stuart said that the following points should be considered to ensure that each summer tyre retains its performance while it is switched over the colder inclement months.

1. Tyres should be stored in a horizontal position. Be sure to stack symmetrically so they retain their shape.2. Rotate the stack on a regular basis to maintain shape of the lowest tyre3. Cover with a sheet of opaque or black polyethylene film to limit the exposure to oxygen4. Avoid storing tyres where the area is wet and oily5. Don't store them anywhere near chemical agents like solvents, fuels, paints or disinfectants.

HiQ, with 150 centres across the UK, is also sharing safety tips and offering motoring guidance, while conducting eight point vehicle health checks in the process.

Centres are reporting an additional 10 to 30 pot hole related visits per week, but is urging drivers to stay positive by getting in touch with their nearest centre for 'a free service with no strings attached.'

HiQ fast fit manager Stuart Carr added: "We have been overwhelmed by the amount of drivers taking advantage of our free vehicle health checks.

"Hitting a pothole can damage the tyres, wheel, suspension or steering. It could even cause an accident."

For more information about HiQ's free health checks and network of fast fit centres, click here.

Stuart Carr is offering some summer tyre storage advice