October the 1st marks the beginning of tyre safety month. HiQ are proud supporters of TyreSafe, one of the leading organisations who put there resources into promoting road safety and the importance of tyre safety. Throughout tyre safety month we will be discussing and revealing all of the different elements that contribute to tyres being safe and what also make a tyre not suitable for the road. Areas to be covered include:


  • Part Worn Tyres
  • Summer Driving
  • Wet Grip
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Winter Driving


Part Worn Tyres

Your tyres are the only physical connection between your car and the road hence why having sufficient grip and tread is incredibly important for your tyre and safety .

Before we discuss why part worn tyres are so dangerous, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Yes, part worn tyres will save you money and you might have quicker access to these tyres but the consequences of applying these discounted items can almost be unimaginable.

A key issue attributed to part warn tyres is the tread depth, the legal minimum for tyre tread depth in the U.K is 1.6mm, part worn tyres are sold with around 2mm. Compare this to the 8mm which new tyres are sold with!

The truth is that for a lot of part-worn tyres you never really know their past. Some are from scrapped cars. Some have come from accident cars. Some are just from other countries where the legal tread depth is higher than ours. It's why there can be a lot of hidden problems lurking. We take tyre safety very seriously indeed. If there's even a small chance that a tyre might not perform as it should, we could never recommend or sell them, no matter how cheap they are.


Tyre Safe - http://www.tyresafe.org/

Tyre Safe Video Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFvfnJT-m-g