We’re all going on a summer holiday but right now let’s check we have everything. Suitcases… Check. Sunglasses… Check. Kids games… Check. Car check… No.

This may be the last thing you check when packing for your summer holiday but your car and especially your tyres are extremely important for your safety.

Below are the top 10 tips to make sure you are 100% ready to drive to your summer holiday and adventure.

  1. Check your tyre pressures. The wrong inflation pressures will affect the way the tyre performs and can also lead to uneven wear. Having the correct inflation pressures will help you keep your fuel economy at its best.
  2. Tyre Condition – Check for cracking and uneven wear on the tyres. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for you can pop down to your local garage who will advise you.
  3. Tread Depth – The minimum legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm. If you are near to this limit and have a long way to go, it may be best to get your tyres changed.
  4. Check the weather before you go – Hotter temperatures mean hotter roads which can take its toll on your tyres. If it’s raining, this will allow time for you to slow down in the wetter patches to ensure you get to your destination right on time.
  5. Legalities abroad – There are additional laws in some countries such as different tread depth levels and also whether you need winter tyres or summer tyres. Check this before you leave to ensure that your car is legal if you are driving abroad.
  6. Roadworthy tyres – If your tyres are not roadworthy, you can be fined up to £2500 and three points on your license per tyre. That could buy you another luxury holiday. Also 12 points and you will lose your license. So it’s worth the check.
  7. Towing – There are many checks surrounding towing that can affect not only tyres on your car but also your caravan. Check the caravan tyres and brakes using the points above and also your tyre pressures. Increased loads will need higher tyre pressures; you will find these in your manufactures’ guide.
  8. Make sure that if you are taking your family pet that you have checked the car is safe for travelling. Such as a comfortable place for your pet to rest for example a cage, bed or car harness. Also check that your pet cannot control the windows themselves.
  9. Pack plenty of water and snacks not only for yourselves but also your pet. Plan regular stops so you can take a break from driving and cool down. Do not leave your dog in the car while you are not. The temperature in a car can double in an hour. Dogs pant to keep cool and cannot do this in a hot car.
  10. Check all the above on your way back home. You may forget to check the above points on your way back but things can change such as tyre pressure especially if you have done a lot of miles.

So there you have it. Our top tips for summer driving. Last but not least, have fun!