There’s a big fight set to break out in Stoke-on-Trent on April 27 but there will be no point in calling the police " they’ll be the ones throwing all the punches.

And it won’t just be Staffordshire’s finest in the fray. They will be mixing it with officers from Los Angeles and New York.

Fortunately the long arm of the law will have a boxing glove on the end of it - as all of the fighting will be in a boxing ring - at the Fenton Manor Sports Complex.

The “Battle of the Badges” is set to draw in a big crowd on the evening and will also be shown on Sky Television.

The biggest bout of the night " the heavyweight contest" has been sponsored by Crewe and Burton HiQ centres, and franchisee Andy Bucknell will be ringside ready to present the trophy at the end of it.

He’s even arranged to have some 6ft banners in the sports complex to mark his company’s involvement in the fight night.

Andy said: “I’m sure it will be a knockout night, and hopefully we will also raise plenty of money for some good causes.”

The tournament is set to build on last year’s sell out event which raised £22,000 for Caudwell Children (UK).

The same charity will benefit this year as well as The Teddy Atlas Children foundation (USA).

The event will be hosted by boxing legend Johnnie Nelson.