•So whose your favourite...

•Thanks to the success of our Monster Tyre Sale and the joy that came from seeing our little monsters named, we have decided to ask you to choose your favourite.

•Asking the winners of our previous competition to share their monster and winning name to get their and our followers to vote.

•The name with the most votes from our fans will have the chance to win the MONSTER Hamper including all of the films won by previous winners, a whole pack of finger monsters, a massive bag of popcorn snack bowl to munch on whilst watching our monstrous movies.

•Head to facebook to decide your favourite and we will reveal the winner here on 27th May 2014.


•Please find the contains of our terrifyingly good hamper and check out our fabulous MONSTER Fuel Giveaway! http://www.hiqonline.co.uk/Offers-and-Promotions/Monster-Tyre-Sale/Competition/


•What you could win:

•Monster Films

–Monsters Inc

–Monster University

–Monsters vs Aliens


–King Kong




•Monster Munch

–Monster Munch

–Monster Mix

–Popcorn + Resuable Popcorn Snack Bowl


–Finger Monsters