Congratulations to the winner of our Great British Getaway competition, Jo Jones!

We absolutely loved your holiday memory and can't wait for you to create more memories with your £1000 Centre Parcs vouchers!

My #ShareGetaway holiday moment was when my Husband & I got lost in Spain trying to find Tarragona & turned the hire car into four lanes of on coming traffic, complete with screeching brakes & loud horns blaring. There happened to be a policeman on duty who pulled out his gun and gestured with it for us to pull the car on to the pavement & get out, which we did. Our Spanish was as good as his English (NONE.) Very frightening, but I smiled sweetly & gestured to my sleeping baby in the car 'Bambino' & waved my arms to indicate hot (& flustered) pointed at the map where we needed to go. Light bulb moment for him, & he pointed where to turn, wagged his finger, & began to smile, while stopping all the traffic to enable us to turn around! So we got let off being in serious trouble, & managed to find our destination.

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