“What’s for tea mum?”...... No matter how much older we get we can always remember our mother’s special recipe for that one meal, whether big or small, that got you sprinting down the stairs and into the kitchen.

We can all imagine as a parent, trying to cook for a whole family can have its difficulties, one family member doesn’t like sprouts, another won’t eat their vegetables all together! The compromising can be endless but one unique talent mums will always guarantee to have is finding that niche dish, which against all the odds, everybody around the dinner table can share a slice of. Some mums can bake the richest tasting chocolate cake with the perfect amount of icing, others cook those Sunday roast’s potatoes to that perfect golden colour with just the right crispiness. Getting your hands on the recipe can have its challenges but sometimes it’s just a mother’s touch which creates that ever lasting taste leaving you desperate for another bite.

With Mothers Day creeping closer HiQ are offering you the pefect oppurtunity to reward your mum for all of her quaity work! Let us know one of your Mother's signature food dishes by commenting on this blog and you could be in for a chance at winning a gift she truly deserves this Mother's Day! Here are just a few of the items in our Mother’s Day Massive Giveaway, a box of Artisan Du Chocolat, Moet Pink Champagne, Jo Malone Candle, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Estee Lauder Gift Set, Elizabeth Arden Moisturizer Set, Covent Garden Gift Set & £100 Marks & Spencer Vouchers

Deadline for entries is 5pm on 12th March. We'll pick a lucky winner the following day and announce this on the HiQ Facebook page so look out for our winning entry, alongside a few of our best answers

WINNER: STEVE YOUNG - "My mum used to turn out some great dishes. She used to write the recipes in a little brown book and when that was full she wrote them on scraps of paper and just inserted them between pages. She used to make an amazing Lasagne which in the 70's was seen as quite a trendy dish instead of the staple it's perceived as today. The recipe has a few 'secret' ingredients which I still add when I make the dish these days"

artisan du chocolat Box Moet Pink Champagne Jo Malone Candle Daisy by Marc Jacobs Estee Lauder Gift Set Elizabeth Arden Moisturizer Covent Garden Gift Set