Massive congratulations to our 5 winners!

Cathy Overgage with her comment:

"My favourite movie night film is Ghost, never get tired of watching it with my husband as it was the first film we sat down and watched together many a year ago #NetflixNightin"

Paul Martin with his comment:

"#NetflixNightin has to be Finding Nemo as its the only movie the whole family watch without any arguments!"

Claire Green with her comment:

"#NetflixNightin My favourite film has to be Home Alone - we watch it as a family every Christmas eve. We cuddle up with the lights low and have a lovely takeaway, waiting for Father Christmas to come visit ;) Such a great film, it never gets boring no matter how many times you watch it. A true classic."

Chris Callaghan with his comment:

"#Netflixnightin. Star Wars is my favourite and has been since I first saw it as a wide eyed little one! Now I have little ones of my own its fantastic to watch them have the same experience I did - truly great memories."

Fiona Cullen with her comment:

"#NetflixNightIn My favourite film of all time is ET-it's just magical and has got everything,makes you laugh,smile and of course cry buckets at the end even at my age-the music alone is enough to set me off! Pure nostalgia"

You are the selected winners of our #NetflixNightin giveaway! You have all won a years worth of Netflix and popcorn to enjoy with it. Thank you for sharing your favourite films - and we hope you can enjoy many more now!