We have our 4 lucky winners of our Love2Shop competition!

Below are the list of winners along with how they said they would spend the vouchers if they were to win.....

Sandra Martin - "I would spend them on my husband who's birthday it was yesterday, because we have 3 kids to buy for at Christmas and the oldest has his birthday on the 1st Jan, we don't spend on each other. I would love to get him a cheeky surprise gift and give it to him on Christmas Day! His face would be a picture"

Leah Davies - "I think I would treat myself to a new outfit as I usually spend any spare money on my two beautiful boys, always putting them first"

Wendy Waite - "I would put them in a lovely Christmas envelope and present them to my mum as soon as she puts all the Christmas dinner on the table as she so deserves a treat for cooking dinner every year plus I love her to bits"

Sian England - "I would spend them on my 7 year old son, he's autistic and its his birthday New Years Eve and he wants ALOT of science things"

So a massive well done to our 4 winners!! We hope you enjoy spending the vouchers on your brilliant reasons.

And thank you to everyone who commented in this competition. We loved reading through each and every comment. Don't worry if you didn't win this time, there will be lots more opportunities. Just make sure that you stay up to date with our Facebook and Twitter channels.