The Art of the ‘Selfie’


During the 2014 BTCC Season HiQ have been searching for the ultimate fan. To find such a person we have been running our extremely popular #HiQSuperSelfie competition where by all you need to do is take a selfie, upload it to any social media platform and then hash tag the phrase. We’ve seen some extremely bizarre poses in some brilliant places! We thought we would dedicate this post to the art of the selfie and discuss a couple of advisory hints to producing a quality winning photo.



1. Capture the Moment

What makes a great selfie is capturing the moment, don’t let your catalogue of selfie poses distract you from where you are and what experience you want to capture in your photograph

2. Backgrounds                                                                                       

Taking a selfie outside the comfort of your own home can hold some new challenges but it can also add some great content to your photos. Are you visiting a busy city centre or taking a stroll through the woods? Chuck in some cityscapes or tree lines and let your viewers get a feel for where you are!

3. Don’t be a loner

Okay so you want to show all your social media friends what a great time your having but what about your real ones? Why not promote your social life through the art of the selfie! This can be by squeezing your fellow adventurers in the background or playing face Tetris for a mass selfie, the more the merrier.

4. Big Smiles

Back when Myspace ruled the roost miserable selfies were just about socially acceptable, but that’s probably because we only had 1 megapixel webcams to do our selfies for us. In this day and age it’s all about big smiles! Reflecting on the enjoyable moments you encounter during your adventures can be easily seen in your selfies, this links well with tip number 1.

5. Be confident

Once you’ve figured out your favorite side and pose it’s time to bring your selfies to the masses! Taking your selfie discreetly is extremely tricky, (probably why it has caught on so well) the strongest advice for you is this, be confident. Just take a deep breath, whack out your phone and go for it. If your not feeling too confident including your friends in the selfie will help to take the social pressure off.