We all tell little white lies, from now and then but some of the most interesting and hilarious are those told to us by our parents.

Share with us one of your Mother's famous white lies and you could win a beautiful Breast Cancer Care inspired Interflora Bouquet of elegant pink oriental lilies and large headed pink roses. Alongside a Blissful Spa Day for Two available across 120 locations in the UK it's the perfect way to express your love and appreciation, for the woman who has always been there.

We can all imagine as a parent, the white lie has a special importance, 'lt's already past you bedtime' knowing full well it was only half past four. Or 'if you eat your crusts then you'll get curly hair' taking advantage of the envy all straight-haired girls felt for those little cherubs with princess ringlets. Plus the absolute classics that come from answering questions like 'how are babies made?' at completely inappropriate occasions.

As you get older, you soon realise these were inevitable ploys to get you to do whatever was necessary; eat something nutritious without complaining for once, or stop nagging them as they tried to sit down and to watch their favourite television show for the umpteenth time. Although now we understand their clear falsity, at the time they all felt like haunting truths that would result if the task was not fulfilled at lightning speed.

Let us know one of your Mother's favourites by commenting on this blog and you could be in for a chance at winning a gift she truly deserves this Mother's Day!

Deadline for entries is 5pm on 21st March. We'll pick a lucky winner, on the following week an announce this on the HiQ Facebook page so look out for our winning entry, alongside a few of our best answers.