So the winter weather has arrived and with it the dangers of rain, sleet and snow; with this in mind it's important that you look after your car properly, to prevent being left out in the cold.

Here at HiQ we understand it's difficult to know how to look after your car during the winter months, so to make it easier we have made an 8 point Winter Health Check guide! To help you keep your car happy this winter!

In sight of this we decided to make a Goodyear 'Winter Warmer' pack and have 5 to giveaway in celebration of Bonfire Night and the 'wrap up warm' feeling we have all started to get.

The Goodyear 'Winter Warmer' Pack includes (all nice and cosy in a Goodyear Drawstring Bag):

* A pair of Goodyear Tactile Gloves for Touch Screens

* A Goodyear Thermal Mug

* A Goodyear Fleece Beanie Hat

* A Goodyear Blimp Handwarmer

* A Goodyear Ice Scraper

Everything you would need for a cold winter's evening!

Happy Winter! #keepyourcarhappy