A survey conducted by TyreSafe, a not-for-profit organisation devoted to promoting tyre safety, has found that around 25% of British drivers had illegal tyres fitted to their cars at the time that they were replaced, suggesting that an astonishing 10 million tyres on British roads could be illegal and dangerous.

With the increased reliability of cars, many drivers have become less aware of the quick and simple checks that should be carried out to ensure that tyres are safe for the road. In addition to the vehicles with illegal or dangerous tyres, over a third of total tyres were close to the minimum legal tread depth limit of 1.6mm.

TyreSafe highlight the risks associated with using illegal or dangerous tyres. They have pointed out that braking distance is substantially affected when driving a vehicle with worn tyres, particularly in wet conditions, and therefore it is very important for drivers to make sure that they are using safe and legal tyres.

In accordance with the advice of our partners TyreSafe, we at HiQ always urge our customers to always avoid purchasing part worn tyres, and to carry out regular checks to make sure that you are on top form for a safe journey!