Another bank holiday and as expected there will be a higher volume of traffic across the UK over the weekend with several railway projects taking place. The railways projects are likely to make people avoid trains and this will make the roads more congested during the weekend.

With a lot of families hitting the road this weekend, traffic and the warm weather there might be a chance of engines overheating.

Research shows that 27 per cent of drivers admitting they never check their car’s engine coolant, or only do after a warning light comes on. Also over the bank holiday usually cars can have extra weight so the tyres pressure might not be suitable.

Driving Checks:

Tyres: The two main things to check on your tyres before setting off is tyre tread depth and tyre pressure. Make sure you have at least 3mm tread depth on all tyres before setting off. The more tread depth you have the more grip you will have and shorter braking distances in the dry and wet. Read more about it here

Make sure you have the correct tyre pressure, having underinflated tyres will result in uneven wear of your tyres and increased rolling resistance which will make you use more fuel.

On the other hand, overinflated tyres will make you lose grip and there will be an uneven wear of the tyres.

Find the ideal tyre pressure for your vehicle here.

Oil Check: A quick oil check and top up can save you and prevent any engine problems during your journey.

Engine Coolant:As vehicles will be likely to stand in traffic in the heat is important to check your coolant levels before setting off to avoid the engine overheating.

Final checks: Check if all your lights are workings and the screen wash levels to ensure maximum visibility in all circumstances.