Motorists in Wolverhampton are being invited to check into a revolutionary new tyre hotel in the city, which has been built to keep the roads moving later in the year.

Following the Britain's Big Freeze in 2010, HiQ Chapel Ash is already being inundated with requests for seasonal tyres - six months before temperatures are set to drop significantly.

The demand is so huge already this year, that HiQ owner Simon Bennett has created a 'hotel' to store drivers' current set of tyres while they swap to winter alternatives.

The site will be able to store 200 tyres and will be free for motorists to utilize once the time comes to switch tyres.

Simon said: "There is a common perception that we don't need winter tyres in Britain because we don't get much snow, but that viewpoint couldn't be further from the truth.

"We are dealing with an unprecedented demand for the seasonal products right now, which is why we are making early provisions to make sure we are not caught out by the cold.

"Motorists are beginning to realise that they can't go on like they have done in the last two winters and want to protect themselves. Everything ground to a halt in the West Midlands during the Big Freeze and much of this was down to drivers failing to change their everyday tyres, which are designed for use in milder temperatures.

"The rest of Europe view winter tyres as a necessity, and I think we are beginning to catch-up now. With this in mind, I don't think my tyre hotel will be the first - or last - to be created."

Regular tyres harden when the temperature drops below seven degrees, meaning they have less traction on the road. This not only means the risk of spinning off the road is increased, but also the stopping distance is longer if you have to make an emergency stop.

Winter tyre rubber compounds have a higher proportion of natural rubber and a higher silicone content, to minimise the hardening effect at low temperatures.For more information about HiQ Chapel Ash, visit

It might only be June, but Simon Bennett has already opened a tyre hotel in readiness for a chilly winter