It was November 5th when Martin Burrows and Tyre Force North West officially took over their HiQ franchise.

And since putting pen to paper back in 2008, the fireworks have continued to fly for the team in charge of three HiQ centres.

In another success story for the network,Tyre Force's Southport centre has doubled its turnover in the past 12 months, due in no small part to a rebrand of the Scarlsbrick New Road site.

Around £20,000 was spent in renovating the centre, which is now unrecognisable from the days when the franchise was first agreed.

With similar refurbishments planned for the Manchester and Prestoncentres in 2009, the future has never looked more illuminating.

Martin said: "If you came to Southport a year ago, you wouldn't have brought your car to us. Definitely not.

"A colleague who has no fast fit industry experience at all told us that we lacked kerbside appeal. If he could see this, then it was clear that most other people would too, which is why we were so keen to carry out our rebrand as quickly as possible.

"We are ever so pleased with it now. The staff have put a lot of hard work into it, and they have made a huge, huge difference in getting the place to where it is now, both visually and operationally."

Martin said that the arrival of Paul Hutchinson - a former HiQ regional manager - had also played a big part in the continued growth of his business.

"Paul is a good guy, and has made a huge difference to us, as has all of our other staff at our three centres.  

"The Southport rebrand has certainly made a big difference to footfall and custom, and if we supplement it with the marketing work we are carrying out, and great customer service, then we will have good reason to look ahead with real optimism."