On Friday 21st October 2016, Goodyear unveiled its latest airship - Wingfoot Two, in Akron with Savannah James.

Goodyear blimps first graced our skies in 1925 and they have come a long way since then. After a lengthy construction process, Goodyear has recently introduced its new airship: Wingfoot Two.

More than two years after Wingfoot One took to the sky, Wingfoot Two has joined Goodyear's fleet. Savannah James, wife of basketball superstar LeBron James, officially christened the new addition at the Wingfoot Lake hangar near Akron, Ohio in the U.S.

Take a look at this fascinating time-lapse video of the Goodyear Wingfoot Two being constructed:

Officials have said that the Wingfoot Two is bigger, faster and stronger than the companies prior blimps. Wingfoot Two is 246 feet long, 50 feet longer than previous blimps and is nearly the length of a football field. It can travel at speeds of up to 73 mph, when prior blimps could only reach 50 mph. Wingfoot Two is the strongest blimp yet with a semi-rigid skeleton and not a soft, inflatable body that was used in previous fleets. The frame is also packed with non-flammable helium, meaning it is able to lift 700 pounds more than other blimps that came before. Wingfoot Two also offers pilots more precise handling and allows the blimp to hover in place and hold position. The cabin can carry up to 12 people with seats that are similar to an airplane but with much more legroom and space.

At the christening of Wingfoot Two, Savannah James said “I hope this honor will inspire and uplift all kids growing up in Akron and encourage them to follow the Goodyear blimp’s lead in believing the sky is truly the limit for each and every one of them”.

The Press Release for the christening of Wingfoot Two is also attached for you to read.