The festivities are over and as we return to take on the New Year, it's a time for us all to reflect on 2011.

It doesn't seem like 12 months have been and gone since we last looked back but there has been a multitudes of successes that have made 2011 a fantastic year.

While the economy remains tough with the motor industry bearing much of the strain, we have managed to ride the storm and take the lead on a number of key objectives and campaigns.

More foremost in our minds is the impending tyre labelling legislation that will come into effect later this year. In 2011, we stole a march on our competitors by launching an 18-month education campaign backed by a £500,000 investment in education resource and training. Our aim, then and now, is to empower our customers to make the purchasing decisions and experience a new way of buying tyres.

We want to counteract the negative connotations associated to our industry; mistrust, dishonesty, jargon, rip-off merchants, and show our customers that we are delivering a retail shopping experience that would mirror any high street brand.

For the first time in our history, we wanted to support these messages with a focus on women in the HiQ network. We wanted to show that the industry is changing and we successfully conveyed how women are diversifying the industry after taking on roles from mechanics to centre owners.

Another key accomplishment in 2011 was our focus on part-worn tyres. The economy has driven motorists to find cheaper alternatives and as a result, the part-worn tyre market has grown considerably. Not only is this a danger for any motorist on the roads, it is also a false economy.

As well as maintaining a focus on illegal tyres, we are continuing to raise awareness of these growing problems in on-going campaigns.

Amongst this, we must not forget our online accomplishments in 2011 with the implementation of a brand new website. Keep a look out on this, as more features will be made accessible in the coming weeks and months.

All in all it has been a great year for the HiQ network. What we have noted above is just a small fraction of the work put in place to drive us forward and keep us delivering.

The bar is set high for 2012 but we are all raring to go so all that remains to say is Happy New Year.