Goodyear is proud to announce that its forward-looking concept tyre made with BioIsoprene technology was recently awarded the prestigious "Environmental Achievement of the Year Award".

The award winning concept tyre with BioIsoprene technology  represents a breakthrough alternative to a petrochemically produced ingredient in the manufacture of synthetic rubber with renewable biomass.

It is hoped that HiQ will stock the product in its network of centres across the UK in the near future.

The tyres made with BioNatsyn� polymer which is made from BioIsoprene product, are the result of a collaboration between Genencor, a division of Danisco, and Goodyear.   

"Receiving this kind of recognition from automotive and industry experts for an achievement that showcases the future possibilities in our industry is enormously fulfilling. Goodyear's first concept tyre manufactured with BioIsoprene� technology shows the enormous progress we have made in using a bio-based alternative to the petroleum-derived raw material isoprene in our production process," says Jean-Pierre Jeusette, Goodyear Director Tyre Technology Consumer Tyres for Europe, Middle East and Africa.  

"The development of BioIsoprene� technology could help us reduce industry impact on the environment by applying renewable raw materials in the supply chain and making Goodyear less dependent on oil-derived products."

BioIsoprene� product is derived from renewable raw materials, and represents a significant development within the biochemical and rubber industries. Aside from synthetic rubber for tyre production, traditional isoprene is used for the production of a wide range of products, such as surgical gloves, golf balls and adhesives. Thus, the potential for BioIsoprene� product is substantial.