Every one of HiQ's 150 fast fit centres will benefit from a huge investment in online marketing in an attempt to attract scores of new customers, it was revealed at HiQ's recent national conference.

A six figure sum will be pumped into the HiQ network with a pay per click (PPC) and rich media campaign driving new business to its award winning website, where each HiQ centre hosts its own bespoke micro site.

The 12 month online campaign will begin in January and will target popular search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. The network will also shortly announce some new strategic online partnerships in the affinity marketing arena.

The HiQ network believes that search engine marketing and advertising will lead to significant sales results. The campaign has been carefully developed and targeted and will be driven by behavioural analysis.

HiQ's Create Demand Manager Geraldine McGovern said that the investment was another example of the brand's commitment to its franchise partners.

Geraldine said: "Overall, we think this is a really strong message. In addition, we are tripling our investment in search engine optimisation and we also announced new investment in a new Direct Marketing (DM) and eDM programme, again demonstrating our commitment to our partners in driving footfall and new business."

"We are absolutely committed to the online arena; we always play smart with investment and online give us the transparency on return on investment that we are looking for."

The HiQ fast fit network has always prided itself on its online provision to customers, having pioneered online tyre sales with the first 'clicks and mortar' business model in the UK.

Geraldine added: "We continue to remain committed to leading the fast fit category online and innovation lies at the heart of what we do. Continuing innovation and investment in unique industry offerings like our bespoke micro sites for each HiQ Centre drives our success.

She added "HiQ will also lead and set the benchmark for groundbreaking use of social media and marketing in the automotive category. Watch out for some very exciting announcements from HiQ in 2011."

Franchisees celebrated the news that www.hiqonline.co.uk has already beaten all business objectives for 2010 and has increased its traffic by 24% v 2009 results.