HiQ Chapel Ash is urging motorists across Wolverhampton to take extra care on roads around the city for the foreseeable future, after experiencing a surge in wheel alignment related problems.

The coldest December for 100 years, coupled with countless frosty mornings so far this year has resulted in a number of wheel alignment faults being reported to HiQ and its team of technicians.

With a 15 per cent increase in wheel alignment problems at the centre, owner Simon Bennett is offering free safety checks to all motorists to ensure that their cars are in the safest condition for the roads, provided they simply call the centre beforehand to book an appointment.

He also invited motorists to drive in for free wheel alignment checks if their car feels like it pulling or trying to steer off the road - no booking necessary.He said: "The extremely harsh winter and damage caused to vehicles has left many owners with unwanted bills with specific damage to wheels, tyres and suspension.

"There is a huge need and demand for wheel alignment to be carried out correctly and we are in a position to do this.

"Our wheel alignment checks is a free service, no appointment required, while our winter health checks are also available, as long as motorists book in advance.

"If it feels like your car is steering off the road, you are getting uneven tyre wear or have recently hit a pot hole hard, then you should think about dropping in to see us."

HiQ's Chapel Ash's free winter health check covers the following areas:

1. Tyres: checking and adjusting pressures on all five tyres, including tread depth and wheel alignment 2. Battery: check battery and clean and grease terminals. 3. Windscreen: check condition of front and rear wiper blades, washers and headlamps.4. Lights and horns: check condition of side, tail, main, dip, stop, reverse, indicators, hazard, fog and spot lights 5. Engine: check engine oil and filter, run engine, check for leaks 6. Exhaust: Inspect and report on the condition of the exhaust 7. Fan belt: inspect fan belt and adjust if necessary 8. Coolant hose: Inspect hoses and fasteners, radiators and connections, antifreeze and check for leaks

Simon also urged motorists to drive with more caution in the cold weather as braking and steering manoeuvres may not be as responsive as normal.

"The weather we have experienced in December and the beginning of 2011 has been as bad as many can remember, so a comprehensive check carried out by fully trained HiQ technicians is ideal," he concludes.

HiQ Chapel Ash offering free safety checks to all motorists