Michael Fitton, Peter Avery and Martin Price

The owner of an Exmouth garage is on a one man mission to make women motorists in the area some of the "most cared for in England", after conducting research into their fast fit perceptions.

The St Andrew's Road centre asked 100 female motorists about their experiences when taking their cars in for repairs, with some disturbing answers being given.

Thirty three per cent said they felt like they were patronised at the point of sale, while a further 31 per cent felt they were given a dishonest, untrustworthy service.

In addition, 41 per cent of women told Martin Price, owner of HiQ Exmouth, that they ask their partners or husbands to take their cars in for them, to avoid the experience altogether.

In response to the results, Martin has become the first HiQ centre in England to launch introductory lessons for women to learn more about automotive basics every Wednesday.

These will run alongside its recent investment into producing clear, jargon-free pricing and menu boards so customers know exactly what they are buying and how much it costs.

Martin has also created an online ordering service and has sent his technicians for professional assessment under the ATA accreditation programme.

And, to ensure that its high standards are rigidly adhered to, HiQ Exmouth answers to a number of mystery shoppers and regular telephone checks.

Martin said: "We want to make sure that women motorists in Exmouth are among the most cared for anywhere in England.

"Once drivers pass their test, there doesn't seem to be anyone to offer help and advice - many garages just want to get on with car repairs rather than helping the customer.

"I now have staff ready every Wednesday to provide free information with the aim of helping ladies stay safe whilst driving. It's just a simple health check covering the basics which can easily avoid problems on the road."

The checks cover battery condition, how to top up brake fluids and oil and checking the correct oil is used.

Other topics will include coolant and screenwash levels, lights and wipers and tyre and exhaust checks.

Martin added: "We really want to help our female customers. We have listened carefully to their concerns about the industry generally and intend to rectify that here at HiQ."

If any female or a young drivers are interested in making the most of the free car health checks, call HiQ Exmouth on 01395 222600.