Friends, Romans, motorists, lend me your ears�Tyre technicians at a fast fit centre in Bath have been brushing up on their Shakespeare in a novel attempt to celebrate the Great Bard's birthday to drivers in the city.  

Staff at HiQ were penning poetry on the windscreens of all cars on Friday April 23 - Shakespeare's believed birthday.   

There was method in their madness as well, after the centre learned that Shakespeare used to recite his soliloquies from the very ground that the forecourt now stands.

HiQ Bath's retail director Eric Holmes said: "We were recently informed that the famous playwright used to recite his work from Lower Bristol Road, where we are based.

"We immediately wanted to honour him, and after learning that his birthday was imminent, we decided to do something a bit different, which raised a few smiles as motorists waited for their cars."

HiQ's fast fitters used a uni POSCA pen to write a famous Shakespeare line on the windscreen of each car serviced or repaired on Friday April 23.

And when the motorist doth protested too much, staff washed off the writing with one wipe, as the ink can write on any surface without permanently marking.

Eric added: "Our staff aren't just great at replacing tyres and carrying out service, they are all in touch with their literature as well."

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HiQ Bath technician Tony Dunscombe dresses as the Great Bard! (picture courtesy of Bath Chronicle)