Motorists visiting selected HiQ centres can boast more engine power and crisper acceleration after their MOTs, thanks to an impressive advance in emission testing equipment.

A number of centre managers are boasting great results after diagnosing MOT emission failures by using a simple, effective aerosol, from Ecotek Technologies.

HiQ Guildford, Ilkeston and Horley are all benefiting from the Ecotek Powerboost, which is injected into the engines of cars with poor performance, increased emissions and increased fuel consumption.

HiQ Ilkeston's MOT tester Paul Slaney said: "I've actually used the product on my own vehicle and was impressed by the results.

"It is relatively simple to use and is a good product. It has increased the car's fuel economy by a good two or three pence per gallon, while it is smoother and easier to start as a result.

"The customer feedback has been encouraging too. Using the Ecotek Powerboost has got a number of cars through their emissions and drivers have reported an improvement in all-round performance."

Ecotek's spokesman Roger Barton said: "All you do is inject the contents of the can into the inlet manifold with the engine running over approx eight minutes and then take your car for a spin - and you'll notice the difference immediately.

"This will give more engine power, crisper acceleration, better throttle response, higher top speed as well as reduced emissions and improved economy.

"We are delighted to be working closely with a number of HiQ centres and hope that more will use our product in weeks and months to come."

HiQ technicians have been given a boost thanks to a partnership with Ecotek