The Goodyear Dunlop retail team has rolled out a new communication campaign strategy on tyre labelling to the network’s direct dealer partners.

It follows last year’s industry recognised part worn tyre campaign and the recent launch of a new Dealer Marketing 2012 Programme for the 210 plus approved dealers already part of the Goodyear Dunlop Retail Partnership network programme.

The company has introduced ‘Terry the technician’ to its collateral as a tyre fitter who demonstrates the importance of reading labels. The company insist its part of simple yet effective strategy to make sense of the complex legislation and publicise customer benefits.

Within the coming weeks, every retail dealer partner will receive dedicated tyre labelling consumer leaflets, in-store point of sale, fitter’s handy guides, unique certified legislation training courses and briefing packs.

The briefing pack gives comprehensive insight into ‘the anatomy of the label’ and a breakdown of what it means for businesses within the retail partnership programme.

Created by the team responsible for the HiQ franchise network programme, Retail Director Peter Tye, Retail Marketing Manager Geraldine McGovern and Retail Commercial Manager, Farrell Dolan believe the assistance they are giving will only add value to the partners’ businesses and consequently drive the close strategic relationship with the Goodyear Dunlop group.

Peter said: “We are extremely committed to delivering an effective programme in support of all of our retail partners.

“We are experienced in creating and implementing retail support campaigns and programmes for the HiQ network and it’s from this experience we can provide a similar strategy for the retail network partnership programme.

“Our aim is to deliver a bespoke value programme of support that ultimately drives our partners’ retail sell-out and secures richer margins from a strong baseline of customer service and impeccable standards.”

The tyre labelling campaign strategy roll out is part of a wider investment in a 2012 support programme introduced to dealers at the start of the year or at the start of their business partnership with Goodyear Dunlop.

Based around a four pillar approach - partnership, business development tools, network management programme, training and education, the pack gives an overview of the 2012 programme calendar as well as consumer campaigning topics to drive powerful brand association.

Retail Marketing Manager, Geraldine McGovern, said: “Our tyre labelling approach comes just months after a successful campaign on part worn tyres where we created high impact marketing support materials for dealers to communicate the messages of debunking the argument for part worn tyres.

“This was well received by the dealer network as a new refreshed way of connecting with customers on industry issues which affect their future retailing needs as drivers.

“It’s this basis which drives us to deliver a retail programme like no other, that’s value for money and business effective.”

Commercial manager, Farrell Dolan, said: “As we continue to drive the retail partner programme forward, our experience has given us the foresight to facilitate dealers with the support they need, whether through a briefing document , a point of sale pack or a bespoke programme, to win in a competitive market.

“Our target is to reach 280 approved dealer partners by the end of 2012 and with our on-going support strategy, we’ve every confidence this can be achieved.

Peter concluded: “Coupled with the HiQ franchise programme, this growth would positively and dramatically affect our retail footprint across the UK as we’d have over 450 quality dealers working in varying levels of partnership with us.”