One of his new year’s bucket list for 2018 was to attend every single BTCC round this season… we were aware of it so we planned a little surprise for him…


Here at HiQ we are always striving to make the workplace a better environment for our employees in our lovely centres.

One of our lovely employees, Ralph, a very skilled mechanic at HiQ Motorama Tamworth has always shared his passion for motorsport and racing events with his colleagues and one of his favourite events to attend is the BTCC.

He loves the BTCC as it is like being part of a big family in a friendly environment, with great fans supporting the racing teams and full of great, talented and approachable drivers.

Ralph has loved the BTCC since his first time in Rockingham 2 years ago and attended a lot of events. He also went to the final last year in Brands Hatch where Ash Sutton won the title. His personal favourite driver is Adam Morgan from Ciceley as they are sponsored by Mag Tools which are his favourite tools to use in the centre and for the beautiful Mercedes A class.

In centre he keeps a race calendar to organise his trips to the next races and his favourite track is Rockingham as it was the first one he attended and because he can see the whole racing track from the stands which is something that is not possible at other racing tracks like Silverstone as it’s a really big track.

Ralph, took the time to show us his photos at the BTCC events and he shared with us the memories that he had on the race days and he discussed technical things about the cars and the engines and tyres they used.

After our meeting we came back to surprise him and the team at HiQ Tamworth Motorama and we gave him an incredible gift: We gifted him with tickets to EVERY SINGLE round of the BTCC!

He was extremely happy to have this as it was an unexpected surprise and at the end of the year he will be able to tick off on his bucket list:

Going to every BTCC round of the season: Done.

He was really grateful to the company and the opportunity provided for him and we loved to see him happy to achieve one of his dreams!