In its drive to educate consumers about the new EU Tyre Labelling Legislation that comes into force from 1 November 2012, HiQ, one of the UK’s leading tyre and fast fit specialists, has launched Tyre Labelling World - a motorists’ guide - on its website

The new legislation means that every tyre sold in Europe must be clearly labelled from November, giving clear ratings for fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise. This directive will in turn make driving more cost-effective, increase road safety and reduce the environmental impact caused by tyres for motorists.

The new section of the website will provide consumers with a full picture of how the new directive will affect tyre purchasing decisions and impact on their vehicle’s performance. Showing motorists the way through the often confusing process of how to choose a tyre, HiQ’s Tyre Labelling World has been developed to give customers the full story on tyre labelling, all under one virtual roof - providing them with objective, reliable and comparable information on each tyre and aiding them to make the right tyre choice to suit their needs.

HiQ has created Tyre Labelling World to not only explain and bring home the benefits of the new directive to motorists through a comprehensive guide to tyre labelling, but it has also gone the extra mile in educating motorists about the legislation - creating handy guides, infographics, downloadable collateral and leaflets that help the consumer understand how tyre labelling can help them make the right tyre choice. Downloads include ‘The Anatomy of a Tyre Label’, ‘HiQ Handy Guide to Tyre Labelling’, ‘Winter tyres and Tyre Labelling’, ‘Tyre Labelling - the Full Story’ and ‘A Guide to Tyre Manufacturers and How They Test’, amongst others.

Available on both YouTube and, HiQ has also developed a video animation that presents tyre labelling in a consumer-friendly context to introduce and explain the concept to motorists.

Geraldine McGovern, HiQ Create Demand Manager, explains: “The EU tyre label only specifies three criteria, whereas magazines test 15 criteria - however, premium tyre manufacturers such as Goodyear Dunlop test over 50 performance parameters in order to produce premium tyres. Whilst we absolutely welcome the new legislation, it doesn’t give the full story. For drivers who are looking for a high performance tyre or have a specific need, tyre labelling needs to go beyond just three criteria.

“Reading the tyre label is just one of many considerations a customer needs to make when purchasing tyres - they also need to consider where they will be driving, will it be on or off-road, and whether they will be driving in rural, motorway or urban conditions, and as such, Tyre Labelling World looks at the bigger picture to ensure that motorists with specialist needs can also find the best tyre to suit their style of driving. For example winter tyres, which are all about safety, aren’t covered by the legislation. Only fully trained tyre experts who are up to speed with all the technical details of each tyre can give you the full story, so we recommend that that motorists pop into their nearest HiQ Centre for guidance.”

This latest development from HiQ is one of several improvements and additions made to this year to educate customers in choosing the right tyre for their needs.

In July, HiQ launched a mobile site in response to customer demand, and the leading tyre and fast fit specialist will also be shortly providing support to customers online to help them make their purchase decision with confidence.