In case you haven’t already heard, its our 25th Birthday this year, and in particular, tomorrow on the 25th July!

In honour of HiQ’s 25th Birthday, we want to take you back through some of HiQ’s best bits. Take a read down this timeline we have created below, which will show you some of our important and interesting milestones along the way...

1950's: in the 1950's there was a small chain of tyre dealers called TyreServices which eventually grew to over 30 stores.

1969: Goodyear purchased TyreServices and throughout the early 70's, they continued to purchase and build a nationwide network!


1974: Goodyear consolidated all of these individual operations under the banner of 'Tyre Services Great Britain Ltd'.

1980: in 1980 Goodyear completed its purchase by adding the large Kettering Tyre Organisation to their nationwide operation and then all the stores were re-branded.The company then expanded its retail operation to include exhausts shock absorbers, brakes, MOT repairs and servicing - as well as just fitting tyres!

1992: Goodyear brought together all the TyreServices stores and over 200 independent dealers and this is when HiQ was conceived, with the purpose of offering a better service and attracting larger fleets.

After 25 years of being 'Tyre Services Great Britain Ltd' ,the brand was conceived into HiQ Tyres.

1997: The first 30 HiQ Tyreservices stores were sold off as franchise centres.

Also in 1997 HiQ tyreservices sponsored Wolverhampton speedway.


1999: During this year, Dunlop Tyres Ltd and Goodyear Tyres came together to begin a joint venture. This brought an alliance between HiQ Tyreservices and Motorway Tyres, resulting in all stores being rebranded as HiQ.

2000: James Fleet (the actor from the movie 'Four weddings and a funeral') and John Craven (presenter featured in BBC channels) regularly visited HiQ Banbury in the early 2000's - let us know if you ever saw them there!

2003: Rebranding of all of the equity stores to using the well established banner of HiQ Tyreservices in all centres.

2007: The name of Tyreservices was dropped to make it 'HiQ Fast Fit'.


2008: The remaining equity stores were sold off to franchise locations, in this way franchising the entire HiQ network.

2008: For the years of 2008 and 2009, HiQ took over the responsibility of being the title sponsor for the BTCC rounds. HiQ continued after these years as a team sponsor, which is why we still do all of our well loved ticket competitions on our social media pages! Many of our lovely fans have had the chance to attend a BTCC round courtesy of HiQ.


2011: HiQ Plymouth proudly wins the first ever NTDA retail centre of the year award.


2015: In this year the HiQ eShops were launched on HiQ online, making it easy for our customers to book their tyres at their local centre. This is when we adopted our 'Click Fit Go' tagline for HiQ online.

2017: Michael Owen, the former English football player, is known to make regular visits to our HiQ centre in Queensferry.

Also in 2017 our top performing HiQ stores receive their gold plaques to hang proudly in their centres, after eing recognised for their high standards and excellent customer service skills.


Finally in the month July 2017, we are celebrating HiQ's 25th birthday year. We have had a lot going on this month including Facebook giveaways, in centre offers and various competitions on HiQ online.


Thank you for all of our customers that have supported us throughout these 25 years and we hope you have taken advantage of our promotions!

Make sure you purchase your new tyres on HiQ Online tomorrow, as each and every person who orders tyres tomorrow will receive £25 Love2Shop vouchers back! It is not to be missed.

We hope you have enjoyed celebrating with us!

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