HiQ’s Top 10 Apple IPad Apps

With over half a million apps on the ITunes store it’s hard to find the best apps for you. We have whittled down the best 10(ish) apps (harder than you think to have only 10) that will accompany you on your car journey whether long or short. These handy apps feature parking assistance, traffic updates, motorway break ideas and games for when you take a break from driving. So here we are:

10. ITV Player – Catch up on all your favourite ITV entertainment plus the BTCC on Sunday’s! - Free

9. WideAngle – Find it hard to keep up with photos you’ve posted? WideAngle collects all your photos from the likes of Facebook, Instagram and your IPad and groups them all together. You can remix them and group on location which means you can keep all your HiQ Super Selfies in one place. Best of all it’s free! - Free

8. Kindle – Turn your IPad into your favourite book with the downloadable Kindle app. This allows you to import your Amazon purchases directly from the Cloud. It also syncs your reading progress across all other Kindle apps and devices so you can pick up right where you left off. – Free

7. Tune In Radio – For those of us not lucky enough to have a DAB radio in their car (myself included), FM radio can be a bit tedious when finding a signal in rural areas. Tune In Radio features 100,000 live radio stations and two million podcasts so there is always something you like to listen to and no tuning out! – Free with Pro version available.

6. Triposo – There are many apps and websites that offer suggestions on where to go when visiting a new city but Triposo has way more than that. One handy feature is a city walk planner which plans a walk for you based on the time you want to spend strolling and what you want to see. Best of all, this app is not restricted to a few city’s but worldwide so you can use it everywhere you go. Also you can use it offline if you download the information before you travel. - Free

5. Parking Aid – Tired of trying to find your car in a busy car park. Parking Aid is a quick way to mark your cars location and also to guide you back using GPS. This would come in handy after watching a great days racing at the BTCC. - £0.59

4. Tom Tom – No need for a Sat Nav with the Tom Tom UK and Ireland App. This app goes the extra mile with additional features such as choosing a scenic or fuel-efficient route, advanced lane guidance, fully offline operation and more. The app also includes alternative routes to avoid getting stuck in traffic. For only £39.99 is also a lot cheaper than buying a Sat Nav. - £39.99

3. RAC Traffic – I always use this app when heading on a long journey. An easy to use app with built in Google Maps so you can see where traffic jams are and also find alternative routes. The app also features a list function of traffic incidents and also a route planner. – Free

2. Motorway Walks and Breaks – Ever wondered what is around you when passing a junction? Well now can find out with this handy app. Motorway Walks and Breaks pinpoints interesting walks within five miles of motorway exits. Each dog-friendly walk lasts about 30-45 minutes and also includes a pub or other eatery along the way. Perfect to stretch your legs, explore the area and enjoy your favourite drink. - £1.99

1. Real Racing 3 – One of the best 'mobile' racing games I have ever played (Need for Speed Carbon, you’re still No. 1). Life like graphics, extremely accurate cornering response and a wide range of cars to drive. The recent update now includes a multiplayer server. It can get incredibly addictive as the more you rank up, the better and faster cars you get. It’s not surprising this has been the number one top free app in over 90 countries. – Free

Ones that didn’t make the list

Drivetunes – Dissapointed that this is not on IPad due to the app using the built in hardware on the IPhone. The app plays tunes that match your driving style and the songs selection changes through the speed you are driving. I know I would like some relaxing music when in a traffic jam. Using the Spotify track lists, the app features over 100 genres of music that you can pick from so will ensure it plays music within your taste limits. A bargin at £0.69 and also if you have an IPhone. - £0.69 Plus £9.99 a month Spotify Premium subcription.

AA Parking – Voted one of the best apps in the world by the Sunday Times, AA Parking is a simple yet effective app to find car parks at your location and also provides tariffs for each. Would have been in the list if it featured the find your car GPS function.

Jinn – One of the best apps I have ever seen. That is if your lazy like me. Jinn allows you to get anything delivered for a small cost of £5.95 +10% of the item’s value. The purchase can be paid through the app so no need for cash. Tried and tested, Jinn’s Twitter feed boasts about the speedy service and have delivered things such as McDonalds, Krispy Kreme Donuts and Call of Duty: Ghosts. One flaw to this service is that it only currently operates in London. Now people of London can have their McDonalds delivered! Dream come true. - £5.95 delivery fee + 10% of the item’s value for each order.

MPG Calc Free - Simple with a basic layout this app does what is says on the tin. Simply type in the miles driven and litres of fuel used to calculate the miles per gallon for that trip. You can also anaylse the results on a graph to see how your car is doing on fuel over any given time. Plus you can add more than one car and tweet your results. – Free

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Let us know your favourite apps in the comments section.

Remeber: Don’t use iPad while driving. Drive safe.