Our favourite TV trio are back! Former Top Gear hosts Clarkson, Hammond and May have signed with Amazon for a new series set to start in 2016, and here at HiQ we couldn't be more excited!

After their departure from the popular BBC series, fans of the show have been hoping that they would one day see the return of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May to the world of motoring.

Clarkson left Top Gear earlier this year, with Hammond and May leaving shortly afterwards.

Although most fans are delighted to hear about the return of the team, it’s likely that some followers of the show may be disappointed that they’re going to have to pay to watch the upcoming series, which is due to hit our (Amazon) screen’s in 2016!

We really can’t wait, so in the meantime here is our top three moments in Top Gear history:

1. After having a go at driving around in a Peel P50 (the world’s smallest car) during season 10, in 2013 Jeremy took on the challenge of building his own version of the world's smallest car, naming his creation the P45.


2. In 2010, when Jeremy Clarkson took to the roads of Barnsley in a 3 wheeled car, taking on extreme sport Reliant Robin rolling...


3. Series four when Clarkson raced Hammond and May from Surrey to Monte Carlo; Clarkson drove an Aston Martin DB9, while Hammond and May took public transport; the Aston Martin won.


Reminisce the good times by letting us know your favourite moment in Top Gear history!